Grow Hall of Fame [Wade Fortuin]

Thinking of the journey and experience I have gone through by being a student of the GLA, I definitely made the right choice. Through being a student, I became more disciplined, more focused on pursuing my destiny and more consistent on rewiring negative thoughts out of my mind. The purpose of the GLA, I feel, […]


CODESIGN BOOTCAMP Powered by Media24

Any language is best to learn when young Kids can pick and learn languages faster, because young minds are flexible and open. Learning code is like learning any other language. Technology is all around us, the new generation kids (4th Generation) are better at learning and trying out their creativity using technology.     Creativity […]

Meeting the Start-up Women

Meeting: “an assembly of people for a particular purpose, especially for formal discussion.” That’s exactly what today was. A group of women from Cape Town got together in one place for one purpose: To empower themselves.  Through self-empowerment we realize that our families and communities are dependent on us to be strong and impactful women. Women […]

InnovIA cohort 2 of 2017

Cohort 2 of InnovIA started on the 19th of June this year with five startups joining the program. The spaces used during this cohort included the RLabs main hub, UCT Graduate School of Business, and Greenpoint Coworking. InnovIA is RLabs’ Innovation Incubator and Accelerator program which supports local entrepreneurs in Cape Town. This cohort is […]

Free learning that you can access today

Free Learning starting 2nd September 2017 that you can access and apply for today. RLabs is a non-profit organisation who currently works in marginalized communities and townships across South Africa serving the most vulnerable through training, personal development, support and technology social services. RLabsU (Pronounced “RLabs You”) leverages the extensive network of RLabs where we […]

Women’s Month in RLabs Women style

This month, August 2017, RLabs Women decided to celebrate all the special women from our communities through upliftment. As part of our goals for this month, which was to honour, recognize and help women find their purpose and identity, we designed a special programme for women that would do just that. We kicked off the […]

Mozilla Equal Rating Event

On the 17th of January 2016, RLabs had the privilege of hosting Mozilla and their Equal Rating Innovation Challenge. The challenge sought to find innovative ways of solving the internet access crisis still plaguing many people around the world. Start-ups were challenged to come up with various proposals as to what their solution to this […]