Social Media for NGOs – Port Elizabeth

RLabs in collaboration with the Nelson Mandela University of Technology held a successful workshop with non-profits in the Eastern Cape. The objective of the workshop was to ensure that non-profits and community organisations leverage the power of Social Media. Please follow and like us:

Social Media for Social Good Workshop in Cape Town

Yesterday as we hosted a number of non-profit organisation representatives it was exciting to see how these non-profits would use Social media as part of the organisation strategies. It was also an opportunity to have members of the Reconstructed Team (Craig Ross (in image above), Brent Williams and Clinton Liederman) to facilitate the workshop. The […]

Mobile Counselling training with the National AIDS Helpline

Mobile Counselling training with the National AIDS Helpline (NAH) were concluded as the NAH became the world’s first organisation to live counselling over mobile phones. This initiave is one of the pioneering project part of the Reconstructed Living Labs (RLabs) where a number of service organisations are receiving training on the Mobile Counselling System, Advice […]

Vlogging with the Reconstructed

This morning I had the privilege to facilitate the Reconstructed session at the Reconstructed Living Lab (RLabs) space. Video blogging or “Vlogging” was the area we focused on and it was amazing to see how the team managed to video blog with ease. A short background about what video blogging was and how others have […]

Social and Community Informatics: Social Theories of Networks

Athlone is situated on the Cape Flats of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa, which is plagued with violence, drugs and gansterism. The society is described by Parker (2008) as a community in tension. The Reconstructed Living Lab (RLabs) project includes a community based non-governmental organisation Impact Direct Ministries (IDM). IDM opted to […]

Social Media for Teens

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen some of our young people coming to the Impact Centre on a Friday afternoon for Social Media and Life skills training. This idea was the brain child of Craig Ross, Clinton Liederman and Brent Williams who saw the need in the community where young people are being lured […]

Youth Marketing using Technology Champions

With the increased number of organisations especially non-profits looking at how they can engage with young people the video below, by Graham Brown of Mobile Youth, gives an insightful overview of what these organisations can do to reach their youth target market. The Reconstructed Project also featured in this video as we continue spreading the […]

Popularity of Micro-Blogging

With the increased number of users who connect to the web via mobile devices the adoption of Micro-Blogging platforms or status updating like on Social networks like FaceBook and Twitter has become a popular activity amongst internet users. A study by Pew found that mobile users will Micro-Blog more frequent and the more connectivity devices […]