29 Apr Geeky moms thrown in the deep end.

[caption id="attachment_1848" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Moms planning their session"][/caption] This year we are taking some of the participants from last year’s moms.3.0 class, (which forms this year’s Geeky mom’s class), to the next level in their journey with social media. Craig and Brent, 2 of the geeky...

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09 Mar Social and New Media

The evening started very well with all our participants ready and excited to take that leap into the unknown of Social Media. For some it was their first time on a computer and  we were pushing some boundaries and others just wanted to know more about what...

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09 Mar Entrepreneurship

The class is very exciting with Ahmed being very honest about the way he is doing business. The guy is oozing with confidence and knows exactly what he is talking about and he is quick to rectify you when you speak out of line, 'that...

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