Excitement buzzed in the air as the staff began to set up and create a fun play and learn environment for people coming to attend the GROW Leadership Academy Open Day. Not only was the staff excited, but all our guest who started coming from 08:30 already to apply.

Each component in the Grow Leadership Academy was set up with the core focus and ready to inspire and get the youth to join in on this movement of Hope. Applicants were very nervous, yet interested in what we as “GLA” has to offer. While all the applications were taking place inside, DJ Augustine and some staff kept the people entertained outside with some crazy dance moves.

Some highlights seen by staff:

  • “There was so much eagerness from the youth to apply once they heard what the course had to offer.” – Marlin Erasmus
  • “Open day as a whole was just amazing, the buzz created by staff and the unity.” – Grant Johnson

Overall the GROW Leadership Academy Open Day was a success and we as a team are very excited for what lies ahead in 2015.

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