During this week we have had a couple of community projects running here at RLABS. Some of it I want to highlight: Seniors Mobile Sessions, Rae’s young ladies and our Reconstructed session.

Senior Mobile Session

Senior Mobile Session
This sessions is for our senior citizen in the community teaching them how to use their mobile phones eg. teaching them how to send please call me’s upload airtime etc. Our past session the RLabs team wanted to do something different with them so we decided to take out the laptops and show them how to browse the web.This brought a big smile to their face they always wanting to learn new things.

Life skills Session

Rae’s Young Ladies

This is just a stand in name for the project.One of our Mom2.0 graduates Rae Goedeman does life skills every Tuesdays with a group of school  girls and this is where this name came about. Social Media is something that aunty Rae wanted to add to her life skills sessions. This is just another way to empower these girls that come out of under privileged backgrounds.

Reconstructed Session

Reconstructed Sessions

The Reconstructed session took a while before it kicked off this year but its well on its way. This session will run over a 14 week period every Tuesday that is enough time raise up future community champions and our facilitators for next year. The thing that I like about the sessions is that their are beginners and a few intermediates individuals but everybody is going home with something new.

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