A new location for new challenges and new experiences… Arriving at the door and being warmly welcomed by the RLabs team has turned into a refreshing routine I could never get used to with the smiles, the hugs and the smell of freshly ground coffee beans. I guess they just have that vibe about them that is hard to stay away from.

We kicked off the week a little different this time around and received a poster where you were required to draw an image or bring along a picture as our profile photo, Also there was a section where we had to fill in information about how we felt, the ‘status’ , and if I had not known any better I’d say we were busy creating the social cloud down here for everyone to see- so you can only imagine what it was like seeing everyone ‘upload their status’. It was a social jungle basically, but I loved it.

Everyone was divided into groups with colour coded cups that we drank the coffee out of ( black and red) and because we hardly see each other, some made it their duty to ensure they spent the session with their friends… After switching my cup with another student I was ready to take on the session.

Each session was linked to a token on the poster (Integrity, Resilience and many other character traits). We were required to exercise these traits by coming up ideas to implement it in our role play – so it wasn’t like school at all – we could explore our creative side and still learn from it.

Seeing everyone enjoy themselves and learning at the same time made me think about how more successful learning would be if it were in our comfort zone. It also made me realise how important creative art is and how it is slowly being neglected in our years of schooling.
If I could, I would want to redo that boot camp and invite all my friends so that more young people can benefit from it.

So with that being said, I would like to thank RLabs and the team for their hospitality and the opportunities that they have and continue to avail to everyone around them.

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