I am Venita Solomons. I am 20 years old from Rocklands, Mitchell’s Plain. I am the youngest of two girls. Before joining the RLabs Team I’ve been volunteering within their Academy on Saturdays and would often help with catering.

I’ve always been a quiet and anxious person, and never really put myself in situations where I’d need to speak up or put the spotlight on myself. Being a part of GLA and RLabs, in general, makes you feel like you add value to the people around you so that always made me feel at ease.

The Yes program has impacted my life a lot, I’ve gained wholesome experiences. I had the opportunity to work at Eros school, I’ve developed an extreme amount of patience and understanding for young children, I’ve become a more organized person and I’ve also learned how to work with kids as they require a little more attention and care. This journey has been life-changing and eye-opening because it puts you in another person’s shoes so that you can see things from their perspective.

A highlight was listening to the stories that the kids would share and just watching how they would interact with each other. I haven’t had any challenges to deal with.

A few years ago I was a casual worker at a shoe store for a few months but working with Yes and receiving an income closes so many gaps in my household and helps me be able to give a little something to other people as well.

After the Yes Program I’m looking to study and further my educational experiences. The Yes4Youth and YESlife applications help me understand work-based things better.

Words of Advice:
If trying new things scare you, it means you should do it

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