“HOPE still shines” By Mia Abrahams

I may look okay on the outside
But who ever wonders what I might be going through
When I fight myself
When I talk to myself
When I look a mess
When my lighter days turn to darker days
Though no one sees my rampant pain
Not friends and not my family
Am I that good an actor?
Because I buckle under the strain
The constant expectation of strength
Expectation is a definite factor
I find that on these darker days
Hope still shines on through the rain
A silent voice that beckons me
Saying God is there to ease the pain
Who knows what the person next to you is going through
When they fight themselves
When they talk to themselves
When they look a mess
Don’t be so quick to judge
Let them know that there’s Hope
That you see them
That you care.

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