My name is Lemique Brookes. Before I started at RLabs, I was at home struggling to get into a college or job. Then a few months later, a family member told me about RLabs. I then visited RLabs with my aunt and asked for someone to assist me. I explained my situation and they gave me a date on when to return.

While at RLabs, I had no challenges because everyone was helpful and had great personalities with everyone welcoming you with a bright smile.

I have learned how to work on the computer, how to do work with Microsoft Spreadsheets and Word. I also learned how to overcome my fear of public speaking and teaching.

I am enjoying my journey, and thankful for being at RLabs because a year ago I was unemployed, earning no money but then I signed a contract with RLabs and the income I earned helped a lot. RLabs also helped me get into a real job which I am so thankful for because I am now permanent in my position.

So for those that do not know about RLabs, please check their Social Media. I am privileged to have work with such an amazing team. Thank You RLabs, keep up the great work and continue to make hope contagious.

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