I’m Aqeela Tofa I’m 18 years of age. My birthday is on New years eve which is pretty cool because I get to celebrate “In with the new and out with old” motto on my birthday. I’m from a small community in Cape Town known as Hazendal, which is on the cusp of Athlone and Sybrand Park.
Aiming to do my utmost best is one of my strongest qualities along with dedication, flexibility and eagerness to grow and learn. The amount of readiness I possess will make me an above adequate candidate for any position thrown in my direction, thanx to the YES programme and Hotchefs for being such amazing companies to align myself with. I was thrown into the deep end at Hotchefs with the minimum skills I received through Rlabs and the Admin dept at Hotchefs was so patient and keen to assist me and making their strongest candidate they now have.

Aqeela Tofa

Through working at a catering company, I’ve been able to develop my interpersonal skills, I’ve learned to work well in groups but I am also able to work well unsupervised and under pressure. I have a strong sense of responsibility and my determination to always succeed will make me an asset to any company. When I started at Rlabs I learned lots of skills, such as the ability to inspire and convince others, strategic thinking skills. I also used the YES 4 Youth app and Yes Life, it helps with reading, listening and problem-solving. I become more of an extrovert through the programme and more so while working through Hotchefs with a team of brilliant colleagues and management. I also make better decisions than I used to.

The income has helped me a lot, especially during COVID, when it just started as I was the only one working in the household. At the moment I am the only one in the household that has a permanent job. I am currently an employee at Hotchefs, who is partnered with a non-profit organization called Trio and I wouldn’t have been in the position I am today if it wasn’t for these strong women who pride their business strategy on empowering the youth. I hope this story answers all of your questions. It was an amazing experience to be part of Rlabs.

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