The Mandela initiative has seen many people do works of wonder for those who are less fortunate. This included people people offering up their time at old age homes. There were many who did blanket drives. There were those who just volunteered their time doing good for those who need it most. Many soup kitchens were open to the public. Many people realised that they had the means to impact someone else’s life. Some people had humbling experiences. This Mandela Day saw many people appreciate what they have.


To take back the future, first we must reclaim our present. The only way to do that is to devote our time to aiding others. We must become leaders in our own right. The best way to lead is by example. Being an example is about living everyday as though you’ve experienced the change you seek. Seek and you shall find, so seek something worth finding. Find out what breaks you, then extend your breaking point. Do not simply make points, help others bring their point across. Cross as much boundaries as possible, but never at the cost of humanity. Human interaction is worth more than technological innovation. Innovative minds seek improvement never perfection. Perfect harmony is good, but not as fun as controlled chaos. Chaos always has a source. The source of success is the willingness to work hard. Hardwork will never go unrewarded. Rewards should enhance your motivation, but never be your sole reason for pursuing change. Change is the only constant. Constantly improve and never become stagnant. Improvise until you create a method, that works for you. You are your greatest resource. Greatness is open to interpretation and is up for anyone to grab. Grab hold of opportunities as they come your way. The way forward is often not as clear as we expect. Expectations are necessary when aiming to change the future. Necessity has inspired many a man. Inspiration can take many forms. Attitude aids action. Action turns thoughts into reality. Your reality is yours to control. Control is necessary, being too controlling can be dangerous. Danger can spark thought process. Process can be the difference between making and breaking. Take breaks because a tired mind has little to offer. Offer up your expertise. Become an expert at sharing hope.


This is the month that reminds us all of what can be achieved when someone pursues their dream of bringing about positive change. If we are truly to move forward, we must practice forgiveness religiously. We must overlook the past mistakes that once imprisoned us. If we cannot do this we will forever be slaves to our memories. Does it mean we forget? If so do we forget entirely? No we cannot forget. Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. We need to learn from the mistakes of others to avoid making them ourselves. We must think of the past as something we conquered. Not as an embarrassment we wish to hide. It is something we must overcome.


The number 67 is indicative of how much years Nelson Mandela fought for freedom. It’s also how time we should devote to bringing hope to our fellow South Africans. Why does it have to be 67 minutes a year. Surely we can devote 67 minutes a month. A week. Maybe even a day. Challenge yourself to make hope contagious as often as you can. For only once people’s hope has been restored, will their lives be transformed. So as we move away from Mandela Day let us not forget what got us here. Let us not forget the reason we offer up our time. Let us overlook our own selfishness. Let us us unite our vision. Let us work together for a unified South Africa. A South Africa, free from the segregation.

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