A Breath of Fresh Airways for RLabs on Radio CCFM

Over the past few weeks, the airwaves of CCFM’s show called “Wat Klop” have been utilized as a portal of discovery and connection, unveiling the tourist experiences brewing within Westridge. The captivating broadcast happens at 19:30 every Friday, where the RLabs project Westridge Tourism Precinct and local entrepreneurs take the microphone, spotlighting RLabs’ innovation and each established experience within the precinct.

The broadcast transported listeners into the dynamic realm of the project. Through the 19:30 slot, CCFM shared the stories of RLabs’ transformative initiatives, demonstrating how tourism, and community empowerment converged to shape Westridge,  Mitchells Plains’ future. The broadcast became a means to narrate thread stitching innovation into the fabric of the community.

CCFM’s Wat Klop became a guide, leading listeners through the diverse collection of experiences within the Westridge Tourism Precinct Project. From the savory aromas of RLabs Cafe to the vibrant hues of cultural showcases like First Thursday, each Friday night broadcast at 19:30 unraveled a new layer of Westridge’s identity thus far. It is a celebration of the unique and a testament to the project’s success in establishing a multifaceted tourism precinct.

From Left: RLabs Champion Grant Johnson, Wat Klop Presenter Talia Ludwick, RLabs Champion Mareldia Wentzel

The broadcasts resonated as a symphony of community connection. Families, friends, and neighbors gathered around their radios at 19:30, creating a shared experience. RLabs’ stories harmonized with the established experiences within the precinct, forming a collective narrative that echoed through the airwaves, building a sense of closeness.

The journey through the Friday night waves of CCFM’s Wat Klop has not merely been a broadcast; it has been an odyssey into the soul of Westridge. Through RLabs’ innovation and the multifaceted tourism experiences within the precinct, the airwaves is becoming a conduit for opportunity, hope, celebration, and community. 

The Friday night broadcast remains a testament to the magic that unfolds when a community’s stories are told through the powerful medium of radio.

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