A Chance2 Advance for Gugulethu

Empowering the nation starts with education. RLabs partnered with the Chance2 Advance programme, giving us the a platform to impact the local NGO’s and NPO’s in Gugulethu with capacity building. With 68 different courses running over a two week period, the Township of Gugulethu was exposed to the culture of learning.

The Chance2 Advance Programme  offered by UNISA  “gives the communities the opportunity to discover the link between learning and a better life. Learning can help better your chances of employment, improve the way you do your job, provide you with better job prospects and most importantly teach you how you can make a change in your community.”

The objectives were as follow:

  • Encourage a culture of learning
  • Communicate the personal joys and collective socioeconomic benefits of learning
  • Raise public awareness of the inherent capacity to learn, serve and transform regardless of age or socioeconomic status.
  • Create a society where learning is appreciated, understood and desired
  • Bridge the knowledge gap experienced by disadvantage and marginalized communities through greater access to lifelong learning

The participants walked away with newly acquired skill, improved health and well-being and understanding the interdependency between people and environment.

RLabs had the privilege of facilitating the Events Management class where
we got to learn more about the culture in the townships. It was a trilling experience to be part of the dynamic group who signed up for the class. The brilliant concept of bringing people from all ages together to collaborate on planning different events was phenomenal.  We spend 3 days covering the 8 principles of events management and there is definitely business ventures’ coming from the groups we worked with.

It was rewarding to sit and listen how the groups pitched there different events planned on the last day. Covering all aspects from logistics to emergency plans was all in place. Participants came up with new and fresh ideas on how to plan events to bring collaboration between different communities. Entrepreneurship was also high on the cards of the younger events managers and I am looking forward to being on the VIP list of one of the new events from Gugulethu.

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