Another semester has come to an end and fortunate for these 31 Graduates, it’s not a moment that’s likely to end on a sad note. The preparation and the earnestness to persevere has left these once known students to what confidence they hold today, as graduates.

As RLabs family we celebrate the achievement of many and with love, we lead and cheer them on towards the next stage of their lives or the foreseen opportunities that they will soon to fulfil. An example of one of our tribe leads who has seen each one of them grow and have shared their experiences and wishes for the future.

“These past months I have watched the interns learn, reflect and grow. They have learned to open up during leadership sessions and seeing how they didn’t let their past define who they are now by coming to GLA and wanting better was inspiring. Helping them on their journey has helped me grow and I’m grateful for that. For this, as I have learned I wish for them the same that has happened to me and even more so the endless possibilities.” – Alethea Blanchard

The goal at RLabs, especially for the GLA program, we help build character and strengthen leadership aspects to ensure the young person strives in their personal life and the workplace, and its environment. And positively we can say by the words of the Graduates themselves that this program has been nothing but a stepping stone to get them where they want to be.

It’s considered good fortune to wish one godspeed, and that request extends to all our graduates this year who came through the courses of RLabs. The year 2019 has had its fair share, and we wish everyone all the best for the years to come!

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