A First for Namibia – Virtual Incubation Program (VIP) for Female Entrepreneurs

The RLabs Namibia team replicated the Virtual Incubation Program (VIP), designed for women by women. This is an exciting initiative that focuses on providing an opportunity for female entrepreneurs. 

Equipping women with skills to further develop their businesses is a great start to poverty eradication, as women make up more than 50% of the population and the Virtual Incubation Program is an amazing initiative in contribution to the country’s vision 2030.

For two weeks (20th February – 3rd March 2023), we hosted our first group of female-entrepreneurs into the Virtual Incubation Program, cohort 1. During the period, we covered the following modules:

Hack My Business, Business Modeling, Business Blueprint, design my Brand-Kit, Social Media for Business, Investment Readiness and Pitch Perfect. The 5 ladies are all based in different areas across Namibia, but the powerful tool of technology made it all possible to successfully complete the sessions every evening from 17h30-19h30 for two full weeks.

The figure shows the different categories of businesses owned by the female entrepreneurs.

Feedback from our participants and they shared about their experience:

1. Experience

2. Highlights

3. Lowlights

4. Any other comments


1. The first week was a bit hectic as I had to learn about new people. I was always looking forward to the meeting. The second week I had to always run to make sure I got home just to be in the meeting. How exciting is it to be talking and listening to other people’s ideas, and most of all to learn.  I have so many ideas that I wish to do that I got from the facilitators.

2. My highlight was always feeling like part of the family. I recall when I could not make it to the meeting as I was at the hospital. The response that I got made me feel the care. With regard to the things we were taught in the meeting, my highlight is the golden circle. I was learning to understand how my business works. I never had time to think of the Why, How and the What of my Business, but now I understand my business.

3. Only in the last week. When I missed some meetings, I felt bad that the facilitators now just have to go back because of me. But I had an amazing facilitator. How they responded to me always just boosted my spirit and I would always catch up.

4. Being part of this amazing team from the facilitators to my fellow entrepreneur, was an experience I will never forget. I still don’t understand how i got here, but I am grateful to Uvatera, Emily, Mareldia, I don’t recall all the names but a big thank you to all that had helped me and all of us that were chosen for the VIP. The motivation I got from this group of women was something I will not forget.


1.  It was the best two weeks of me and my business. I have learned a lot, I have gained new ideas for my business.

2. My highlights are most on Value propositions, the golden circle and Social media marketing.

3. My lowlights were from connection that was on and off in most cases and that’s not from your side my respective facilitators. 

4. The comments that I would like to share here is that I am personally grateful for the opportunity, and I’m looking forward to more. We had wonderful facilitators and whenever there’s such opportunities, 

Please invite us in so we give our speech and encourage other fellow women to take such opportunities. This will motivate others too.


1. My experience was better than I thought. From day one, we were able to transition from offline to online classes without falling behind schedule. Coaches are very approachable and eager to help us.

2. Being able to learn new ways of business marketing and creative way of presentation and pitching my business 

3. My lowlights was network tripping some time


1. My experience with the virtual incubation program for two weeks was very awesome and great, even though we experienced network difficulties sometimes. It was stressful but I completed my training. I network and market my business, which is a great opportunity. The facilitators and trainers were kind, and focused, for us to complete our training.

2. New skills and knowledge. Value proposition and Revenue streams, Business Model Canvas, this value will sustain my business greatly. Computer skills, canvas and time management.

3. Network failing during the session, stressing from work straight to the session unprepared and lack of computer skill. 

4. Thank you very much for the value and insightful training. As an administrative head at my company, I will apply to move my business forward. To reach my goals and be able to give back. I will share this with my fellow woman.


1. My experience of the Virtual Women Incubation Programme has significantly widened my knowledge as an entrepreneur and this has taught me the importance of having a business. During the two weeks I got to unlock new business ideas which made me adjust my goals for my business to do better, improve, and grow my business. So much positive energy was being portrayed and this created a very comfortable environment to fully open about the business.

2. What stood out for me mostly during the two weeks was the lovely team that went over and above everything to make sure that we understood the content and were up to date with the daily activities. And the lovely assistance that we got in the different break-out rooms was impeccable.

3. My lowlight was the uncontrollable network issues that we faced because of weather conditions that we were facing but that didn’t stop us from completing or attending any session. We fought daily to be part of the sessions.

4. I hope that this program continues empowering women who are trying to grow their businesses.

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