This past Tuesday was the first session of the Legacy Programme under the RLabs Academy. The programme will run over a period of 48 week with learners that completed their schooling. The key focus for this programme is to introduce them to entrepreneurship and innovation principals and to better their  business communication, networking skills.

I was asked to facilitate the first session together with Andy Horn a business and peer coach. The first session was to  get the learners into a professional mode by creating email accounts and a motivational  talk “Reaching Your Dream” Today we covered a topic that was never done before in the RLabs, creating a home  (GoogleReader) for the learners when doing research in the particular field they want to study or work to subscribe to RSS feeds and bringing it to their home (GoogleReader). Clinton Liederman ended off the day giving background to Social Media which we will be covered  throughout the 48 weeks.

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