The GROW Leadership Academy Entrepreneurship Bootcamp was one that bred tons of success through it and had many fruitful experiences throughout. The interns had the opportunity to learn about the aspects of being an entrepreneur, for example, the mindset of an entrepreneur and different types of entrepreneurs, the methods and strategies on unlocking a potential break thought on a social community problem within their surrounding areas, by using entrepreneurial insights on developing a value solution.

The methods and strategies used was the Javelin board and the Business Model Canvas (BMC). Day one kicks off with the introduction to entrepreneurship, giving each intern a platform to help them create their business and why they create it. There’s a lot of problems that our communities are facing, the interns were tasked to fall in love with their problem. This way, much like falling in love, a desire to know your problem becomes more lucid and easier to solve.

Entrepreneurship facilitator: Nathaniel Wagner

The interns ended their day with an opportunity to validate their research, find customers that are affected by the problem and validate it by interviewing them. Day two, all interns got back with their research-validated and had the information to create their Most Valuable Product (MVP). Each team designed an advertisement for their idea to get traction for their product. With the Javelin board, they had to complete each team brainstormed to ideat solutions to the problems they found.

Day Three of the entrepreneurship Bootcamp, the interns digging deeper into their ideas, finding out who they are building it for and what they are building. Tons of validation and alterations to their Business Model Canvas (BMC) based on the findings of their first day, going back and studying their audience.

Day 4, each team were allowed to experience a day of presentations, where they sell their business ideas in a style and fashion much like the hit series “The Dragons Den”. The day was filled with excitement and so many expectations with each team having 5 minutes to present their problems, findings and solutions.

It was an absolute sight having seen the interns grow within just a week of entrepreneurship training, hearing them pitch and dressing the part according to properly executing their findings.

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