“Shaken by excitement, the passion cannot be hidden.”

It has been 5 years and not one November has not gone by ordinary. Every year the expectation increases, the anticipation of meeting new people, to be introduced to new innovations, the dream of becoming a legend in the Technology industry becomes so tangible.

This year 15th of November, an unusual early morning rise, dressed in my finest clothes and shoes, my favorite accessory that being my laptop, more than ready to kick-start the following three days.

Africa Com is the biggest African Technology and Telecom event which is hosted annually in Cape Town at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. The event brings together high profile Businessmen, Chief Executive Officer’s, Tech providers, startup founders, and other experts from around the world.

It is a three day event which is divided into different spaces which takes place in different areas throughout the CTICC. There are Mini Conferences, Talks, Exhibitions and loads more for example the AHUB.

The Ericsson AHUB is a meeting place for Africa’s startup community linking entrepreneurs and startups to investors and business mentors. It’s an environment like no other, very interactive and lots of energy. The ideal space for our future SME’S or anyone who wishes to explore or start their own project.

There are lots you can take from Africa Com, valuable insights, information and trending topics broken down by experts in panel discussions which can be used as guides or ideas in your startup or project.

The highlight of this event has been the amazing colourful environment with a mixture of Startups, Technology and extraordinary people, also to see young entrepreneurs engaging with top businessmen and investors speaking about theirs startups. It shows determination and really how important it is to making it a success.

Written by: Adrian Barnes

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