RLabs, Department for International Development (DFID) and Mxit Reach will be hosting the first Trade Transparency Project hackers’ boot camp in Cape Town, South Africa on the 3 – 5 September 2012. The aim is to provide consumers with information on how trade-related costs and trade barriers such as tariffs affect them by raising the prices of the goods they buy.

Cash prizes for the best ideas, marketing and support will be on offer as the best techies, developers, designers, creatives and activists will gather to create visualisations, interactive tools, mobile, web and social applications to illustrate the impact of trade barriers on the prices of everyday products.

DFID has contracted the Economist Intelligence Unit to collect the data and model the impact of various trade-related factors on the retail prices of a small number of consumer goods. The results of the modelling and the dataset will be made available as the feed for the hack ideas. With limited number of seats available early registration is encouraged and those who hope to recruit teams to build applications should share their ideas on our events Facebook Page.

The event will have 2 hack days with the finalists proceeding to the Studio Sessions where the prizewinners will be announced. DFID will give an introduction on the Trade Transparency Project; Mxit, ODADI, RLabs and industry experts will inspire and launch the boot camp with short talks and demonstration on how to maximize digital tools for trade transparency.

Registration will be 8am at RLabs, 66 Tarentaal Road, Bridgetown, Cape Town and will continue daily till 8pm on both Monday and Tuesday (September 3rd and 4th). Judging of the best projects / ideas developed during the event will proceed as finalists to “The Studio” on Wednesday the 5th September where further support and advice will be given to polish, provide feedback and launch of their products. Winners will be announced at the end of the Hack Boot Camp day.

For sponsorship or media queries you can email Monique@rlabs.org, or complete the registration form for a seat at the event.

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