I am Amber Andrews, a marketing management graduate. I have been unemployed for a few months and had a small business to keep me going, I have always been inspired by the need to learn.

I found out about RLabs through a friend. I am always eager to learn and grow, this is why I joined RLabs. I have learned so much about the marketing and digital world. It has been great thus far and it is a perfect direction for my career. I have grown so much within the field and I am still growing every day. I have a broader understanding of the marketing and digital world. I can now teach things that I have learned within these 2 months, to those around me.

Being placed with WS Perfumes, I have learned amazing digital skills, I have learned how to communicate better and how to work ahead of time to meet deadlines. Those are things that I apply in my personal life as well.

My highlight is being able to work within the field I have studied for. My creative side is always being tested and I love that. I can push myself to be the best employee that I can be, and I find joy in what I am doing.

I have created new ideas, marketing strategies and the social media pages that I’m working on for the business are growing since I am on board now, I am so pleased. I have never done graphic design or created content before, now I can do it confidently because I am constantly equipping myself with the necessary tools.

Amber Andrews

YES Mobile App modules that I enjoyed and how they impacted me:
Baseline survey: I could do some self-reflection and be honest about how I feel and perceive things, and how I handle things in the workplace. Marketing Management: I have studied marketing management and it was exciting to go back to this information and refresh my knowledge. I remember things better now and will be applying them more often. Money management: being married and staying on my own with my husband and daughter I need to know how to manage money. I have always been interested in learning more within this aspect and felt like this module helped me. I can now positively say that I will manage my finances better in future, and in the long run.

Having a job and earning a salary within these trying times is such a blessing. I cannot start to explain how this opportunity has changed things for me, and it could not have come at a better time. It’s not my first time earning an income but being employed now helps me do more, financially and close many gaps.

My advice to unemployed youth is to never give up on their dreams, don’t lose hope and pray, pray, pray. The Almighty listens.

I’m very thankful to Yes and RLabs for the opportunity. It is great to constantly be active and have my ideas out there while working at WS Perfumes. I appreciate every moment.

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