The InnovIAns are going out to schools and doing workshops with students so that they are able to work towards an improved version of their products.
They have had their own experiences with their customers. So what is their next step? They have to set goals for the next six weeks as the seventh week they will be launching.
The groups are setting up some meetings with the developers to give feedback on their research on their target audience. They are also looking at the things they want to change for their Applications.
We then asked the InnovIAns the following questions:
– Has your target audience changed?
– Is your problem still the same?
– Do you need to redefine your problem and how to solve it
These are the answers we received:
EduGreen’s target audience changed.
Edufication has the same customers but different way of solving the problem.
Qhamani found that most people are interested in farming as a hobby and not as a way to eat healthier.
Next week we’ll be focusing on how many customers they want to sign up and how many people do they want to reach.


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