At this week’s Reconstructed class we were graced by the presence of Aslam Levy one of the SA BLOG AWARDS finalist and his wife Sue Levy. This was his first visit to the RLABS space and definitely will not be the last. This was also the classes first session in blogging and his timing could not have been more perfect. He came to RLABS to sit in for the class but was quickly put on the spot by Craig Ross to speak to the class about blogging:

These are some of the topics that he covered with the class:

  • What is blogging

–          Imager and text

–          Video

  • How do I blog?

–          WordPress and Blogger

–          RLABS group blog – SA no.1 Group blog

  • Why do I blog?

–          For exposure

–          Personal or Brand


–          Expression

–          Story telling

–          Be seen

–          Become an expert


–          Information

–          Traffic

–          Brand awareness

–          Campaign Awareness

We as RLABS would just like to thank Aslam for sowing into the lives of these people and playing a part in the Reconstruction of their lives.

Aslam will be back with us this coming week to continue the blogging class with them.

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