AWEIF Conference

Fatima Alimohamed said,“ If there is no more seats around the table, bring your own seat and sit down. Stop wanting to fit in” .
Rhulani Matshidze said ,“None of us are better than all of us”.

So in the two days, I have attended the conference that was the one quote that stood out the most for me because she basically tells you to stop trying so hard to go for what you want, you should basically just get up and go get it.

Also, one highlight was when one of the women said: “Aim to do business the right way”. What I basically took out of that is that you should never really do as you were given you should try to think differently and do something to the best of your ability.

“As women, we need to be unapologetic about the field we decide to go into, say what we need and share our stories”. What was amazing for me was when one of the women said that 4000 articles were published just by women, the main aim AWIEF was trying to get across to everyone was to GET WOMEN INVOLVED.

When starting your own business you should also rethink the word INNOVATION it has so many different meanings but if you think differently you would have a fruitful business and everything would run swiftly. I also never really knew that the Government plays a huge role in everything and that they build with you in order for you to move.

“If you have trained women, you have a trained nation”. I also realized that if I look at things differently I would gain more out of something I would assume would never really work out.

Lastly, another thing that stood out was “We need to be remarkable, we don’t know who’s watching us”. Always make sure that you do things in an ethical way in order to prosper.

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