About a month ago Clinton Liederman entered a competition on twitter which you could stand a chance of winning 1 whole unit of South Africa’s national braai animal, the lamb and the winner was “Clinton Liederman”. This was a competition by the man behind  National Braai Day janbraai. Yesterday we had a nice braai and social gathering outside the red walls celebrating a hands off keyboard and no gadget eve 🙂 LoL but yet some of the guys played Wii they must pay a fine I think 🙂

Today we back  at RLab doing two projects today the first one is our citizen journalism with young ladies from schools in our surrounding area today Marlon Parker is teaching them how to create a fan page. The citizen journalism group got a name check out their page  iMo’journ

After the Journalism project we had a follow up blogging session with She’s The Geek. In today’s session Monique did picture blogging with the ladies and they shared the blog post on Facebook

Feel free to read the blog post of the ladies remember this is their second blogging session www.mom2zero.com

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