When I was asked to write a blog about my GLA experience, I must admit, I was a bit overwhelmed by the thought of having to write something that others were going to see, but this got me thinking. RLabs is a place that takes you out of your comfort zone, if not then destroy those comfort zones, this I realised when I was asked to be on Rlabs Radio unexpectedly. The GLA learning experience has been an adjustment and it took a while for me. Yet it taught me that fear is a mindset that holds you back and I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

GLA Student: Bevan Gordon

This journey is truly one like no other. The skills I learnt at GLA has opened my mind to what I am capable of public speaking and problem-solving. It made me see that I too can achieve greatness which is some of the things that this Internship helps you to become better at. Other skills that I have learnt is to code and my personal favourite is Python because I understand it better than the other languages. Coding personally was the best part of this experience, as I got to see how websites are created and how to develop my own websites. 

GLA sets out to help you find your purpose in life as well as what you want to do with your life. When I applied for this internship, I didn’t know what to expect, but what I knew was that it can only get better on from here. RLABS is a place of growth and exponential ideas to move forward. RLabs is like home, where friends became family and I have certainly grown exponentially during this internship. I am Bevan Gordon and this has been my GLA EXPERIENCE.

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