I’m Robynne October. I’m 18 years old. I’m an optimist, love being creative, I’m hardworking, I always want my faith to drive my life. Before embarking on the Skills Accelerator journey with RLabs, I was taking a gap year to try and figure out what the next step for my life was going to be. It became a year of introspection for me. Then I found out about the Skills Accelerator opportunity, and before you know it, I got the job.

The YES Programme has been very beneficial and influential in my life so far. It has taught me so many new things and how to trust myself more, to work faster and to be open to change.

I’ve become more digitally inclined. I’ve learned how important hope and love is. I’ve learned to take things day by day because each day has its unique surprises. With the assignments that the Skills Accelerator team receives every week, I’m discovering and learning new things all the time.

So far, it has been an exciting journey filled with so many learning experiences. It has challenged me to grow professionally and the courses that we have to do, help me grow on a personal level as well.

Some highlights would be: meeting the staff of RLabs and meeting my team for the first time, the Check-in’s we have during the day, the Digital course where we had to coach the students, the Nano Course we had to create, designing a prototype, becoming tech-savvy with Google Apps, and that’s to name a few.

One of the things I have struggled with is adjusting to this new chapter of my life where I have a job. It’s different, and I’m treating it as something exciting.

It’s my first job. Earning an income gives you a sense of independence and confidence. And I love the idea of being independent.

Advice to the unemployed youth:

don’t be too hard on yourself, but also don’t be too easy on yourself. Push yourself to work hard and always allow your passion to drive you. Do your best in giving your best and never doubt yourself. Believe that you can be successful.

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