Yesterday was one of the most exciting days for the Kujali Caregivers 2.0. The home based carers went through a series of Social Media training sessions with RLabs. They were introduced to social Media and various social networks including: Twitter, Facebook and of course blogging.

We are really proud of the women as they have accomplished so much over the last 4 weeks. They have been willing to take the risk and be lead down a path they have never traveled before. When social media was first introduced to the group of women they were not tech savvy and didn’t have email addresses. That was taken care of on day 1. And there after there was no stopping the women discovering the internet and social networks. They then moved on to Facebook and Twitter and uploaded photos and created their profiles on the various social networks.

The next step was a bit more challenging: to use their cellphones to access the internet and to blog. Now its one thing to blog via a computer to a self hosted blog, but another to blog via your cell phone. Because the caregivers spend most of their time on the road doing home visits and not any time behind a computer we had to find a way to blog with their cell phones.

We sent a call for help to a few geeks out there and Gerhard from iGeek spent a good couple of hours working on this so that by Wednesday we could show the women how to blog from not only their emails but from their mobile phones.

There were a few hick-ups during the session and we had to get some input while training the women. iGeek was absolutely brilliant and very quick with his help and in just a couple of minutes and a few more testers it worked! Now for many of the caregivers this whole process went right over their heads and only the techno savvy geeks around was impressed with the result. As facilitators we made sure that we kept the women in the loop of the process as we felt it important that they are part of the journey of discovery (even if they don’t understand all the jargon being thrown around the room). RLabs would like to thank the caregivers for their faith in us and allowing us to lead them down the path of discovery and constant innovation that is required at all times to stay abreast of technology.

The journey with the caregivers will be coming to an end soon as we feel they are ready to be sent out into the field and create and share their stories with the rest of the world. Stay tuned to the Kujali blog if you want to follow the journey of the Kujali Caregivers2.0.

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