Justine Jooste is a 25-year-old female born and raised in Athlone. Matriculated in 2010 and has been at RLabs ever since. She does not come from an entrepreneurial background but she has a passion to inspire women in the Cape Flats to pursue their dreams and go through with their goals and dreams.

Justine started her business, Boujee Socks because she wants to showcase what makes Africa unique by using socks. She wants to show people that you can find inspiration by the socks you wear or even the clothes you wear.

Her socks are made from bamboo which is a fast growing tree. Different species of bamboo grow in Asia, Latin America, and parts of Africa. She wants to make sure she captures everyday experiences by displaying it on her socks. She wants people to try and wear things that make them feel comfortable and excited.

Justine wants to show everyone that you can express how you feel by changing your socks now and then. You can express your mood in different ways with Boujee Socks.

She began her adventure by selling branded socks to her friends and family. She later realized that there was potential in what she was doing and what she was seeing and that inspired her to create Boujee Socks. She created her own brand to sell to her friends and family instead of selling other brands.

Justine has been wanting to start her own business for quite some time and this was a great opportunity to share her ideas with the world. She was motivated by Junk.fund to pursue her business and through this program, she received funding to bring her business to life.

At the moment, Justine’s business is running smoothly. She has gained customers and she has been receiving many orders for her socks. This has motivated her to continue. These are exciting times for her and she wants to continue to inspire others to take action and make their dreams a reality.

Her goal is to open her own factory so that she is able to produce her own socks. This way she’ll be able to build her business and make it global. She wants people to believe.

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