RLabs have partnered with Bertha Foundation to launch an impact investment fund (Kukua Fund)to discover and invest in Africa’s high potential internet and mobile start-ups driving social change. The fund will provide micro investments to startups of up to US$25,000, human capital and mentorship, access to networks as well as business development. According to Marlon Parker, “We believe that Africa is alive with possibilities and that it’s filled with hidden “gems” of innovation that needs to be discovered. The Kukua Fund is therefore that impact investment vehicle uncovering the best Africa has on offer.”

What the Kukua Fund is really looking for is a crazy idea, strong team who is passionate about leveraging the power of mobile and internet technologies for social change. The Kukua Fund is an Africa-wide fund and welcomes applications from across the continent. For more information visit Kukua Fund and applications are now open for those seeking investments.

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