One of the 2013 RLabs InnovIA incubatees, Cinemo, have partnered with one of the largest online streaming companies in Africa, Wabona (Sotho for ‘You See’/’We See’ & pronounced Waa-Bo-Nah). The partnership is a perfect match as Wabona delivers African and international video content to markets in the African
Diaspora (Diaspora referring to Africans living outside of their home countries in Africa) and Pan-Africa (see video below by Venture Burn) whereas Cinemo focuses on the local African market accessing content via their feature phones or low-end phones that is price conscious and who generally spend lots of time on the mobile phones. Wabona is a graduate from startup accelerator 88mph’s Cape Town 2013 programme. Cinemo was launched in Beta 4 months ago on Mxit, Africa’s biggest Mobile Social Network, and already attracted more than 320,000 subscribers who viewed videos on the platform more than 1.8 Million times.

The partnership will officially be launched this coming Sunday, Youth Day (16th June), with one of the most popular South African teen soapies, Yizo Yizo. This will be followed by the extensive library of local and international content that Wabona have on offer.

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