In 2013, RLabs will give hundreds of scholarships to youth, women, and the unemployed from the local communities of Cape Town. Community members may select from a variety of leadership and management courses. These courses will empower individuals to become entrepreneurs, employable, and social conscious leaders, who will transform their communities and other sectors.

Digital Webmedia

Introduction to Social Media (16 Weeks) – R3 500 – 30 Scholarships

This is a course which offers basic Social Media skills to the community to equip and prepare them for the more advance and technology world out there.


Advanced Social Media (16 Weeks) – R4 500 – 30 Scholarships

This is a course entails a much deeper level of understanding and exploring the various Social Media tools and is aimed at people who have been through an introduction course.


Photography Principles  (16 Weeks) – R5 000 – 20 Scholarships

This is a course aimed at people who has a passion for photography and who wants to capture those moments that will never be returned but only memories. This course is designed for any photographer just starting out and it was designed for the beginner and amateur photographer.


Social Media for Teens (16 Weeks) – R3 500 – 30 Scholarships

This is a course where the teens are taught how to create accounts and operate on the various social media platforms. They are also given lessons on life skills.


Web Publishing (10 Weeks) – R3 500 – 20 Scholarships

This is a course focused on the designing of your own website. Free domain included.



Entrepreneurship (10 Weeks) – R3 500 – 25 Scholarships

This is a programme that will provide participants with the guidelines in developing their social ventures and businesses.


Events Management Principles (8 Weeks) – R3 500 – 30 Scholarships

This is a course whereby the field of events planning is fast paced, creative, innovative and energising. This course explores into 8 principles that focus on the external and internal factors the influence the planning or the level of success for events.


 Ideas Generation  (2 Weeks, 4 hour workshop) – R1 500 – 25 Scholarships

This is a 2 week (4 hour) workshop where you learn how to turn Ideas into Social and Business Opportunities.


Project Management (8 Weeks) – R3 500 – 25 Scholarships

This is a course that provides course participants with the process and guidelines to initiate and successfully complete a project.


Social Entrepreneurship (2 Weeks, 4 hour workshop) – R1 000 – 25 Scholarships

This is a 2 week (4hour) workshop aimed at current or future entrepreneurs who want to run a business with a social impact.


The Lean Startup (2 Weeks, 4 hour workshop) – R1 500 – 25 Scholarships

This is a workshop Introducing The Lean Startup is a business approach that aims to change the way companies are built and new products are launched.



Women in ICT

Mom 6.0 (16 Weeks) – R3 500 – 30 Scholarships

A course that is only available to moms of all ages who want to be empowered and want to join the Social Revolution in empowering other women.

This is an introduction to Social Media Course that gets you started on the various social media platforms.


Geeky Moms  (16 Weeks) – R4 500 – 35 Scholarships

A course that is only available to moms who have completed either Mom5.0 or Introduction to Social Media during 2012. They are invited to continue their journey in the Social Revolution to empower other women. This is an Advanced Social Media Course that takes them more into depth on the various platforms




GROW Leadership Academy (18 Weeks) – R17 500 – 120 Scholarships

The GROW Leadership Academy have a vision and objective to make a difference in South Africa by providing a stepping-stone for school leavers and the passionate unemployed youth to get back into the job market, run businesses and be leaders of our country.



Closing date: 8th June 2013  for all Digital and New Media, Management and Women in ICT courses (this will be the last day for applicants to return their forms)

Closing date for Leadership course: 8th June 2013.

[The Academy will officially start/open on the 20th July 2013.]

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  1. I was browsing through your web-site today for the second time. The first time was the day after your graduation that was held in Milnerton during December 2012. My son has participated in your programme this year, focussing on web-site development.

    However he has an interest to do the following courses next year namely: (1) Photography Principles; (2) Entepreneurship; (3) Events management principles and (4) Project management.

    Can you advise if it is possible. Furthermore myself would like to do the following with you (a) Introduction to social Media (b) Advance Social Media and (c) Photography principles.

    Kind regards.

    1. Hi Bernard
      Glad your son was able to be part of the academy this year. Unfortunately the applications for 2013 is closed and we will only be taking applications in June again for the second semester.

      Email us on and we will keep you updated when the next call for applications will be open.

      Best Wishes

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