While reading through the blog posts of the Social and New Media participants we discovered that a lot of them were not working and seeking employment. On their blog posts the expressed their concerns and frustrations at not being able to find work. There was definitely a need here and we decided to accommodate that need and put things onto place to assist them.

We firstly got them signed up onto Linkedin so that they could market themselves online. It just also happens that we have special guest from the U.K doing a workshop on effective C.V writing and got them in to do a session with the class. In the next session we will have them type out their c.v’s using the skills they have attained and put it up on their Linkedin accounts.

This is all part of prepping them and making them job savvy  so that when someone or company requires their skills they will be equipped and prepared for the task at hand.Well done to all the participants for doing a great job thus far.


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