On Saturday 6th of September 2014, the RLabs photography students went on an excursion to World of birds and it was a quite exciting experience.



(Picture found on World of birds website)

The students came in their numbers as we prepared to leave for our destination. As we arrived the excitement kicked in and even though the rain was pouring down, the students were so excited to take pictures. The enthusiasm amongst the students was indescribable. Not all the students had cameras, yet all of them participated by taking pictures of the animals.

The highlight of the day simply was when the students spent more than 30 minutes in the monkey cave. Experiencing the fun and joy of the students was something amazing.We learnt that monkeys are really intelligent and love exploring life to their full potential. The students enjoyed spending time with them.

The day ended well as the students all gathered with laughter and smiles. A day such as this will never be forgotten.

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