Today is the 3rd day of training for the caregivers of the Athlone YMCA. For the past 2 weeks the women were introduced to the wonderful world of social networks and social media tools. After just a few hours into the training everyone signed up for email accounts. GMail was used as the preferred mail client. As many of you know most social networks requires you to sign up with an email account. After signing up they were encouraged to send and read emails. This was an interesting exercise as they could communicate with not only one another but also with friends or family in Cape Town and across the world. The group of women are so excited and eager to learn that we had to step up the pace of the training to accommodate their appetite. So that was step 1.

Step 2 was introducing them to Facebook. Everyone’s all time favourite! After that they were introduced to Twitter. The feedback of the women was that they have too much to say to fit into 140 characters so Twitter is not one of their favourite tools. But I’m sure after playing around some more they will get the hang of it. This session was also used to get the women familiar with the various tools and having an opportunity for them to tell everyone else what is on their minds. Very interesting to hear and see what part of their lives and work they want to share with the world.

Step 3 was blogging. The women were waiting for this and the session was started off with Monique Ross (one of the facilitators) sharing her journey of blogging and encouraging the ladies. Everyone was listening with baited breathe and afterward had loads of questions as to how it all happens. After two hours into the session all the women were added as contributors and uploaded their first blog posts.

Very exciting morning and life changing for many!!! Welcome to the Blogger World ladies.

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