My name is Casey Leanne Syms. I am currently 20 years old. When I was first told about RLabs and the opportunity of joining the Skills Accelerator program, I was clueless about what was offered to me until I researched it. I saw that the program was going to offer me further knowledge on how to work around Google and how to improve my digital skills. I took it without a second thought because I have a high interest in IT and Web Designing and I saw that this program offered these skills.

I have learned new things about Google and how to design a website. I have also improved my knowledge, learned how to focus on my work and how to meet deadlines even though I have more than one task to do. The Skills Accelerator program improved my skills in a way that I can be ready for the work field once I complete the program which is going to help me get into the job I truly love. Each day I learn something new.

Casey Leanne Syms

My number one highlight so far is the amazing leadership group I was added to. It is my first time in a leadership group and they made me feel so loved and respected. The tasks that we had to do for leadership have opened my eyes more and helped me come out as a person and not to be shy to speak out in front of people. Having people always there for me no matter what is something I will always be grateful for.

At this moment the only lowlight I have is the fact that I have to work alone on a task. It is different from school where you had a teacher there to always help you when you get stuck, now you have to learn to research the answers if you get stuck.

My advice to unemployed youth is to take the opportunities in front of you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the courses because that is what the RLabs team is there for, to help you along your journey with them, they have never let me down. A program like this will help you with social skills and will help you improve the skills you already have. The workload will be all worth it in the end when you are on the career path you love or have started your own business. Young people should not second guess amazing opportunities.

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