Our RLabs Namibia team has done some amazing work over the last few months. Between February 2014 up until June 2014 they have trained a total number of 109 students in the following courses: Introduction to social media, Advanced Digital Media, Project Management, Social Innovation, Events Management and Photography. During the first semester of 2014, the team trained up both underemployed and unemployed students.

Unemployed youth attended classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, while the employed individuals attended classes on a Saturday between 09h00 and 12h00. All the sessions were amazing.

The second intake commenced from July and is expected to end in October. So far they have trained a total of 15 students in Introduction to social media and Advanced Digital Media and they are expecting to train 24 students in Project Management which will start on the 23rd of September. 16 Students will be trained in Social Innovation, 24 students for Events Management and 23 students for Photography and photo editing. All the students will graduate in November 2014.

They also hosted an Idea Creation workshop with NBII formerly known as NBIC, and the youth were encouraged and help to generate business ideas.

We are really excited about what’s happening at RLabs Namibia and we look forward to even greater things.


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  1. Thank you rlabs for the oppertunity you gave us its highly appriciated from me and the rest of us in Namibia the land of the brave.

    Yours truelly

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