This month we are celebrating our youth & their future, and what better way than to pay tribute to some of our past students who came and did training with us, whether it was the Grow Leadership Academy, InnovIA Program, RLabsU or even one of our Courses offered at a Youth Café to name a few.


 Allan Van Der Meulen: Don’t just serve Youth, but Trust them to Lead.


The young people we approached come from different backgrounds, age groups, areas with one thing in common. They noticed a need within our society, but instead of stepping back and waiting for someone older or more experienced to meet that need, they found a way to help themselves.
They knew that they needed to make a difference and their actions would have a massive impact on so many lives around them. Our youth have so much power to change their world, it’s inspiring to witness what can be achieved through empathy and determination!.
As you read more about how these young people “Do what they do”, We HOPE that you will feel as inspired as we do by these young individuals and their journey.

If you believe that you have a story to share with the Community, whether it is a quote You live by, how you achieved some of your goals or even A 30-second video of what youth month means to you.

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