What would you do if you were given the opportunity to transform your life? Would you take it, or would you run and hide? This year’s group of GLA graduates have chosen to face the music and take their lives in their own hands. As they walked up on stage to receive their certificates, they were cloaked in new-found confidence, and filled to the brim with life’s very own magic elixir: hope.


The GLA graduates have achieved in six months what most people take a lifetime, if ever, to accomplish. They have committed themselves to discovering their dreams and aspirations, as well as the fears that often hold all of us back from pursuing our purpose in life. These young graduates know that hope is about believing that who you are is much more than a product of your past, or a consequence of your current circumstances. Hope is about knowing deep within your soul, that who you are right now is worthy of all that is good in life. It is hope that allows you to bring your best self to each and every moment, knowing that the journey is way more important than the outcome.

But having hope doesn’t come easy. In fact, it takes an immense amount of courage and guts to commit yourself to creating change. Our encouragement to all of today’s graduates is to stay enthusiastic, remain passionate in whatever you do, and to remind yourself each and every day from here on out: “Yes I can

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