My name is Sibongile Adonis, and I am a YES CHAMP!

Before I joined the YES Program, I was unemployed and unable to provide for myself and my family. Unemployment affected not only my bank balance but it affected me personally. I had low esteem and was very discouraged as I just couldn’t find a job.

The YES Program gave me a chance. Being on the program has positively impacted me, tremendously! I’ve gained skills and knowledge that makes me more employable in the future! These are skills that I can add to my CV. I am more confident, fulfilled, and happier.
Being placed at RLabs has helped me have a clearer perspective on what it is I truly want to pursue in my personal and career life. After the year ends, I want to find permanent employment, and thanks to the YES Program, l am more employable now with the skills I’ve gained.

During the program, we used the Yes 4 Youth apps on our mobile devices. We could gain knowledge based on stories on the app, we could get a better perspective on our work life. We were able to share how we feel about working, whether we are happy with the environment we work in, what we can improve on in the next month/week, etc.
The Yes 4 Youth apps are like your personal “coaches” during the year.

The advice I’d give to the unemployed youth is to grab opportunities like these! There are opportunities out there that seek to better the youth of South Africa. You just have to find them and open your mind to all the possibilities. Apply for the YES Program if you are unemployed and young in SA. This is one of the programs put in place to help us become more employable youth. This program is a step in the right direction for your future. Grab this opportunity!

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