Connecting our Communities with Opportunities one Course at a Time.

2022 began on a fantastic note as we witnessed highly motivated individuals who participated in our first course of the year, CV/Resume Building in our DLab (Development Lab) space in Jabulani, Soweto. During this time a series of SME Boost workshops were offered. In one of our check-ins, some participants expressed their hopes of being potentially employed and some graduated matriculants had prospects of being prepared for anything that awaited them in the real world. The workshops were a success that would create the foundation for better and greater future employment opportunities. 

We also welcomed small business owners and entrepreneurs in Construction, Catering and Horticulture maintenance to share their experiences, background and insights in keeping their businesses afloat. The workshops were fruitful and we were just as excited as our participants were because we value the incubation, growth and success of local businesses in our community.

For February, we received countless requests from our communities for more and different training. We offered some business and digital development courses such as Events Management, Videography and HTML & CSS and received positive feedback from our participants. It is always heart-warming to see the excited smiles on the faces of participants who come through our doors for a session. Their enthusiasm and passion for learning are very contagious. 

This shows that our community is always hungry for knowledge which we hope they will later share with others or use to enhance their start-ups to drive up the local economic growth. 

Our DLabs team can each attest to having a splendid facilitation experience as we also took the time to thoroughly familiarize ourselves with the various course content as well as ensure that we deliver the best quality course information to our participants. The check-in session before the commencement of courses has helped our participants feel welcome and appreciated. This has also allowed us to get to know our participants better, ensuring that we maintain a healthy facilitator-participant relationship.

 Highlights from our students:

“Please continue teaching us, these classes are really good for us beginners” – Tsakani Nkombyani

“This is what I learnt: 

1. Meet the needs of customers

2. How to grow my business

3. That my business must offer different services from other existing businesses” -Mpumelelo Lebethe

“The training was excellent, but there needs to be another follow-up teaching immediately before people forget.” – Victoria Malele

Videography – “This course was very helpful because I can now take videos and edit them even choose the lighting of my videos” -Simphiwe Thabethe

Presentation Basics – “Having the confidence to stand in front of an audience, Presentation Planning Skills, Improved listening and being attentive to instructions and working as a team” – Jeanette Moloi

Events Management – “The skills I learnt: Characteristics of an Event Manager, Attributes of planning an event and Business modelling” -Tebogo Lehutso

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