“Keep away from me” “Watch it” “Go see a doctor” These are some of the phrases you often hear when someone mentions the word contagious.

Inspiration, Motivation, Pioneer are the words we prefer to use, when it is followed by the word woman.

What is a Contagious Woman? More importantly, should we fear them? No we should applaud them. A contagious woman, is quite simply a woman who looked at this “Man’s World” and thought: “We can do better. A contagious woman is someone who lives to challenge the status quo. She has unique goals. Strong values and an unwavering thirst to conquer this supposed male dominated working industry. A contagious woman lives a life that inspires. She motivates young women to surpass stereotypes. A contagious woman is firm without being abrasive. She is level headed and does what is best for everyone, not just for herself. A contagious woman aims to infect others. A contagious woman lives within all females. All it takes is a little infection.

This is Women’s month. This is also the month of the Contagious woman. The month where their strength will be displayed.

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