The Contagious Women Awards 2024 took place on 28th February at RLabs in Westridge, Mitchells Plain. These awards are for celebrating women in the RLabs ecosystem who are doing outstanding work while dominating their respective domains. 

RLabs Women is dedicated to honoring and recognizing exceptional women-led businesses and organizations that are making significant strides in their fields. These remarkable women are not just entrepreneurs; they are trailblazers setting new standards of excellence. The Contagious Women 21 Awards serve as a platform to spotlight their remarkable achievements and contributions. We believe it’s crucial to celebrate and amplify their voices, inspiring others to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

These women were nominated by our community and their peers in the following categories: Entrepreneurship, Civil Society, Social Enterprise, Sports and Recreation/ Creative Arts, Technology, and Innovation. We are grateful that we were able to celebrate these outstanding women along with their friends and families and at the same time be inspired by women sharing their stories and a compelling panel discussion. 

The event was hosted by Genevieve Adams or Lady G as she is known in her performer capacity. She gracefully took the audience through the program of the evening, keeping everyone engaged and enthralled.

Teri-lee Dilgee spoke passionately about RLabs Women and Contagious Women Awards, giving the audience some insight into what it’s all about. The attendees then had a chance to do some networking with a fun activity Networking Bingo. Everybody had fun moving around the room connecting with as many people as they could to get BINGO!

Guest speaker, Suraya Williams, from Design26 Foundation gave an incredibly inspirational talk about her journey in Entrepreneurship. Her foundation empowers young women to become self-sustainable and employable through skills development. They teach girls and women clothing manufacturing skills which include sewing skills and pattern making. 

The panel discussion was held with three great women entrepreneurs Melony Abrahams, Wendy Johnson, and Tasneem Eckardt-Clayton. Moderated by Kim Busch, the discussion included how and why they got involved in their various industries, what drives and motivates them, and of course what big things they have planned for the future of their businesses.

Guests and staff enjoyed tasty food and refreshing drinks as they gathered to celebrate these Contagious Women. We are so thankful to our community for always supporting our events and initiatives. We also thank the staff who made the event possible, everyone from the host to the interns and even RLabs Women’s “Men’s Division” as we like to call them, for assisting with setting up the event.

We can’t wait to see what new and exciting innovations are created and taken to another level by women this year. Who knows? They might be receiving an award at our next event. Stay tuned.

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