Filmmaking is no easy task, the idea of creating a piece that portrays something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes is beyond a point that is made easy.

By definition, creating is to implement one’s own thoughts or imagination into an art form or any factor that can be perceived through others. Today, we take that journey to explore the thoughts and inspiration of our film directors – in their own right and having them explain the complexity and patience it takes to direct and make a movie.

Four of our most talented, artistic and brilliant minds apart from 50 others have us be a part of their world and journey as they describe to us their critical yet stable experience.

Groups capturing footage

Alex: “What I’ve personally found, going through this create Bootcamp is the element of brainstorming, there I’ve gotten to see the dominant personalities that show forth the most at that point. Having that, it’s important as a director, you need to decide which idea stays and goes which can get overwhelming at times. Luckily for me, we had a very strong team in terms of mentality, that has helped me narrow down the ideas to meet a logical conclusion for the film.”

Casey: “There hasn’t been much pressure for me seeing that it’s not my first time directing a film, but what I can say was a bit stressful as having a team who wasn’t familiar with filming. This leads me to sit the team down and have them run through their roles and core responsibilities. I have been a bit hard on them, and for that, I stand guilty, but for me ‘time management’ is a huge priority seeing we only had two days to film.”

Calvin: “I’ve never thought to the least that I’ll be involved in film making and directing. I didn’t know what to do, what was expected and how to approach something of this magnitude. After a session we had on film directing, I’ve made it a priority to do research on A.I, Internet of things and Robotics and how to incorporate those elements into our film. I drew inspiration from famous films such as ‘The Matrix’ and ‘iRobot’ and gave me a perspective on how the feel of our film should have.”

Maliki: “I’m inspired by Pablo Picasso’s’ quote ‘Good artist copy, Great artists steal’ and I thought back on a story Marlon Parker mentioned, the facility RLabs are currently using, was first a children’s home. And I said to the rest of the team, hey, why don’t we make up a story based on a true story, and with that idea, we ran with it and eventually came to a solid story. We knew the challenge was to bring A.I, Internet of things and Robotics into this film and add somewhat of a twist in the plot to create uniqueness in our work.”

I believe one of the best sights to witness is having youth display their creativity in a way that’s encouraging and Inspiring to see and what better way to show this than have them, with minimal resources and little to no knowledge about filming or cameras create a film in just a week. As an organisation, we are dedicated to unlocking the potential in youth enabling them to participate in the economy and growth in youth in all aspects of their lives especially in their careers or chosen paths.

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