We are currently on day 475 of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, this pandemic hit us as a thief at night and it is still living in our midst. Several individuals, businesses and Government have immensely been affected during this pandemic. However, RLabs is an organization that works toward positively impacting communities with skills that can be used to grow their businesses, start a business, and be market-ready once the pandemic subsides and all is back to normal again.

During May and June 2021, we rolled out our 2nd semester WhatsApp- Micro Courses of which over 100 young people have applied and a total of 56 completed one or more courses.

Courses layout for the 2nd Semester

Computer Basics
Small Business Management
Project Management
User Interface and Experience
Web Publishing

Internet Basics
Social Innovation
Presentation Basics
Mobile Videography Principles

Here is some feedback from our participants that completed our courses:

I attended a Web publishing course and presentation basics course and I learned how to build a web, how to have a presence on it, and just what web publishing is, presentation basics, and how to conduct a presentation. I had an amazing experience my lecturers were patient and helped whenever we did not understand. It was my first time attending RLabs courses and I would do it again in a heartbeat. – Aili kanyemba

Project Management, I have learned what is project management and how to run a temporary project. Entrepreneurship – business model canvas.

Very enriching, thought-provoking practical courses. I appreciate all the content and activities given and the digital certificates, – Petrina. K. Hangula

I did the Web Publishing Course. I fully enjoyed the course, it was informative, engaging and I found it exciting. Additionally, l learned that to publish on the web is not the maze, I thought it was, and it’s riveting stuff. I would recommend it to everyone. – Kandali Selma Simon

In conclusion, “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”. Franklin D. Roosevelt

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