My name is Denise Collins and I started doing courses at RLabs in 2018. I completed a few that I thought would be of benefit to me at the time which was Small business Management, Project Management, Human Resources, Startup Women, Business Modelling, Social Media for Business and Pitch Perfect.

After completing these courses I could implement the basics in my daily work. For someone that never worked on Google Docs and only Microsoft Word, I was super grateful for the courses I did at RLabs, explaining and showing me how to draft documents, sheets and slides in Google Drive.

I also did these introductory courses to better my understanding of everyday work ethics. My initial plan was to start a small social business to assist the unemployed with interview coaching and drafting professional CV’s for them at a minimal cost. This unfortunately didn’t get a chance to grow as I anticipated it would.

I secured a 6-month contract with an overseas company and they only worked on Google Docs and I was completely relaxed as I could start work immediately using the Google Suite skills I gained.

I now work mostly in Google Drive and when the opportunity allows me to practise what I’ve learned. Even though these courses are only introductory courses, It gives you the extra edge working on certain things and guides you into the direction you want to accelerate in.

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