My name is Chelsea-lee Newman, 19 years young and my journey on the Yes Programme has impacted my life in ways that I never thought it would.

Before I joined RLabs, I was so fixated on studying and just going to university but I never thought about actually having work experience that would help increase my employability thereafter. I’ve always been a very determined and motivated individual but I felt like I was missing out on a lot. I wanted more for myself, more growth, more experiences. And this program has given me exactly that.

I couldn’t figure out how I could expand my horizons and unlock my full potential. Joining the Yes program and receiving the training, partaking in various projects gave me a layout of how my future would look should I decide to pursue each of the career paths that these amazing projects fall under.

Project management, education, web development, and fashion was never even a thought until I joined my host company. I’ve upskilled myself and grew into a “Jack of All Trades”. Being involved in all these experiences has helped me become a more welcoming and eager person, in a sense that before I was just focused on one thing, and now that I know what other fields are like. I’m more open-minded and creative. I’m more comfortable in my skin and my mindset has shifted from “I just want this whether I fail or succeed” to “whatever it may be, I’ll give it my all and succeed”. I’ve experienced many challenges in this time but because I had to shift my mindset from being straight and narrow to exponential, everything became easier and those small steps led me to something bigger and better.

This might’ve been my first job but it has been an all in one. Earning an income has taught me how to be financially wise and responsible and it has given me the freedom to provide for my family as well as help me save up for my future.

This whole year has been a highlight in my life and has granted me so many opportunities that I’ve never been open to before. The Yes apps have been a great help in understanding how the world of work operates and how we, as young people, should compose ourselves and how to create a good working environment.

The best advice I can give to unemployed youth is that you shouldn’t close yourself off from things you may not know. You will only grow if you are willing to learn and expand. Never keep a tunnel vision and trying out new things is the only way you will know where your heart and mind truly lie, both personally and professionally.

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