RLabs in partnership with the BBC Connected Studio, BBC News Labs and BBC World Service hosted a Development Studio event the last 2 days. The challenge that the team had to address was how young people in Africa will access BBC and Digital audio content. The event brought together 13 incredible teams with some flying in especially for the event to address the challenge brief but to also network as part of the experience.

The Development Studio event was opened by Laura Harrison who gave the event brief and the teams immediately got going trying to solve the challenge in 2 days.

The teams showcased many amazing ideas ranging from using mobile to raspberry pi to new technologies such as NFC and polymer as part of solving the challenge. We also hosted young people from the local communities who had an opportunity to engage and give feedback to participants about their possible solutions. The feedback was valuable to the participants as they had a chance to apply and consider the thoughts of the young audience as part of their solutions.

The final day gave the participants the opportunity to refine their ideas before the big pitch where they had 6 minutes to present and demo their ideas to a panel of judges. All the groups who demoed really showed up in a big way with amazing presentations and wowed the judges.



In the end the judges chose 4 ideas that will have the opportunity to be considered for the next round of evaluation and the possibility of being chosen for an opportunity to pilot their ideas. Congratulations to those who were selected and we wish you well as you explore your ideas further.

Well done to all the teams who participated and joined us at RLabs for the Development Studio gathering and a big thanks to the BBC Connected Studio, BBC News Labs and BBC World Service for this wonderful opportunity.




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