The second semester of the RLabs Academy has come and it was time to train up a fresh group of students in the Tuesday evening Digital and  New Media class. When we did registration for this particular class there were only 18 people that came to register. The numbers grew as the weeks went by and we ended up with 35 people that have now joined this class. Brent Williams (facilitator) did the check and an Over view presentation about RLabs. After that it was time to break up into the different “classrooms” and get started with the lesson.

Gary and Terence did the presenting for this evening with Brent, KyleAndrea , Lance , Adrian , Nathanieland Melanie co – presenting. We Did Gmail with them and had everyone sign up their own respective email accounts. This Gmail account will be the key to unlock all the other social media tools they will be taught over the next 5 months. This is the also the start of a journey for each participant as they step out of their comfort zones and overcome their fears of technology. The transformation from man to geek has started.

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