What an amazing experience it has been this week, witnessing the development of the Chrysalis Academy students.

It was June 18th, a pluvious Monday morning where for the first time I encountered the disciplined students of Chrysalis. The task was to empower them with office skills and teaching them the basics of using a computer.

For some students, it was their first time touching and operating a computer and it was a bit challenging in the beginning but they were able to keep up.

Day one was all about discovering what the internet is about as well as hardware and software components of the computer, Increasing their typing skills and introduction to Google.

Day two – The students were introduced to emails, creating signatures and adding attachments. The also covered Google docs where they created their CV’s and valuable info on how to improve their CV’s on the Accenture Skills to Succeed platform.

Day three – We explored Google calendar, Google docs and Google sheets where we were able to create events share and interact. The event plan consisted of researching themes, venue, images and drawing up a budget using sheets which help with organising and analyzing financial data.

Day four – Was a continuation of event research where we implement all our data and research in the form of a presentation using Google Slides.

Day five – A sense if excitement and timid approach where each student had the opportunity to present their work and share what they have done.

Through their stories and motivations on why they joined the academy has had a massive influenced in the way they live, see and do things. These well disciplined and respected students impacted me as a facilitator.

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