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The eLearning Africa 2012 report has been released this month with a range of interesting statistics, stories and views that provides valuable insights into the possibilities on this beautiful continent. RLabs also features in this report where we share insights into the journey of the Social Revolution. The report can be downloaded for FREE and below is the foreword written by Max Ahouèkè:

“The collective eLearning experience in Africa, premised on the voices of
Africans, covering 41 African countries, has never been documented
before. The richness of our divergent views, aspirations, critiques and in-
sights have not yet been shared in this way. I am very proud to an-
nounce the launch of The eLearning Africa 2012 Reportwhich makes a
resounding contribution towards aggregating knowledge produced by
Africans. It has constituted an Editorial Board which includes representatives from Cape Town to Marrakesh, Lusaka to Kampala, embracing the
richness of our linguistic and cultural diversity. It has also provided space
for polemic and debate based on issues that are close to the heart of
eLearning in Africa. I was inspired to read the 15 opinion pieces, the cartoons and comics, and to observe photographs of women and children
embracing the fascination of technologies. In this way, The eLearning
Africa 2012 Reportcaptures something of Africa’s highly complex environment and shows that it is filled with unimaginable challenges and
opportunities. It also shows how vibrant we are as Africans.
This Report marks an important milestone in the growth and develop-
ment of the eLearning Africa network. I hope that it becomes a cog
within a larger wheel of conscious and impactful eLearning interventions that can transform our education systems and make Education for All a living reality. I encourage everyone to read it, discuss it, challenge it and give ideas on how to improve it continuously.”

Max Ahouèkè,
Minister of Communication
and Information and
Communication Technologies,
Government of Benin
May 2012

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